Learning the Language of Tasting (2-day course)

Get ready for two fun-filled days that will take your wine knowledge to new heights and kick-start your exploration of the fascinating world of grape varieties, terroir, winemakers, and, above all, flavor. This class is all about showing you how to put wine into words, by applying the same systematic process for tasting, evaluating, and remembering wines.

Along the way, you’ll discover how the choices made by winemakers—such as the fermentation method and the way the oak barrels are used—impact a wine’s flavor. Engaging all of your senses, you’ll taste and experience the personalities and profiles of the world’s classic white and red grape varieties and learn how to describe the wines made from them. You’ll come away from this experience with the tools you need to purchase, taste, and enjoy wine as you never have before.

No sections of this course are currently being offered.