The Culinary Art of Menu Research & Development

This course is designed to provide foodservice professionals involved in the menu new-product development process a better understanding of their role and the culinary skills required to be more successful. Class members will see how their efforts are part of a multidisciplinary team approach, and how they can better integrate their skills with others to be more effective.

The course will provide practical applications of the process theory so class members can improve their current new-product development effort. Class members are expected to be active partners with the instructor in the learning process, and course activities and evaluation will reflect both the quality and quantity of contributions.

After completing this course, the foodservice professional will be able to:
  • Understand the process of new product development and recognize the impact of organizational style on the effectiveness of the efforts.

  • Execute effectively in a multidisciplinary environment.

  • Understand the basic culinary skill sets required to develop safe, wholesome foods that can be replicated in a foodservice operation.

  • Define why new products are needed, what drives them, and how they fit into the organizations strategic direction.

  • Participate effectively in the creative ideation process.

  • Understand how corporate and outside influences impact the menu development process.

  • Develop a new-product development process tailored to their respective organization.

  • Identify crucial steps in the development of a protocept; also, understand the role of the Gold Standard and their relationship to it.

  • Identify key culinary action points in the iterative process.

  • Understand the critical nature of the Scale-Up phase and their role as guardian of the Gold Standard.

  • Understand the importance of always doing an autopsy as a formal component of the new-product development process.

No sections of this course are currently being offered.