Fire, Spice, and The Global Grill: Vibrant Dishes from Hot Climates

Skill Level: Intermediate

Say goodbye to bland food and hello to delighted customers! Add this exciting alternative to familiar Eurocentric American cooking styles to your repertoire. This typically healthy, bold, fun, approach to cooking combines pungent, sweet, sour, spicy, and hot in a single dish to develop intense, contrasting levels of flavor. Through tastings, experimentation, and hands-on production, you will:

  • Understand the specific flavor profiles, essential ingredients, and basic techniques used in this type of cooking.
  • Identify and handle spices, including spice pastes and rubs.
  • Create and use the boldly flavored little dishes known as chutneys, salsas, and sambals.
  • Grill everything from meat and seafood to vegetables and fruits, as well as how to build flavor through high-heat roasting.
  • Explain how grains relate to center-of-the-plate issues.
  • Master the techniques of this casual, relaxed approach to cooking with deep flavors.

No sections of this course are currently being offered.