Menu Development—Commissary/Contract Feeders

Skill Level: Advanced

This course is intended for food production facilities producing menu items and products for receiver kitchens, in segments such as health care, education, military, institutions, and business and industry properties. You will work with our experts to analyze your site facility and create a model of savings and efficiencies, food production techniques that create a lean kitchen, implementation of green initiatives, and carbon savings and operational cost reductions. You’ll also:
  • Define existing conditions of facilities, from receiving to delivery to end user.

  • Study and profile existing conditions at each site—operationally and economically—with food quality and consistency as your goal.

  • Develop a model embracing new cooking technologies, monitoring methods, management systems, and green initiatives savings programs.

  • Build a sample menu cycle using the local food supply, incorporating diversity along with a system and process for managing production and inventory.

  • Prepare a comparative study providing a clear ROI for your new “future technology kitchen,” along with a profit model that can be realized upon implementation.

No sections of this course are currently being offered.