Introduction to Precision Temperature Cooking Techniques and Processes

Skill Level: Advanced

An introductory course for foodservice managers, chefs, decision makers, and researchers to learn and understand the techniques and benefits of precision temperature cooking processes. The course is designed to demonstrate the interconnectivity, techniques, and benefits of complete end-to-end systems centered around precision temperature cooking systems. Included will be exploratory sessions focused on cooking techniques and processes, food safety and consistency, HACCP and wireless monitoring, reduction in kitchen footprint, equipment used in the processes, and reduction in energy consumption. As part of this course, you will:
  • Discuss the equipment, design, and processes associated with precision temperature cooking equipment and systems.

  • Review the applications of technique, using various pieces of equipment, and the structure and flow of food through your foodservice establishment.

  • Evaluate the cost savings and benefits of precision temperature cooking systems as compared to conventional kitchen systems in the areas of footprint/HVAC reduction, energy consumption, labor, and food yields/waste.

  • Analyze the health, nutrition, and safety benefits of precision temperature cooking platforms.

  • Compare centralized food production models/commissary production and receiver site models to scratch cooking facilities for any foodservice establishment.

  • Model complete systems specific to your type of foodservice establishment.

No sections of this course are currently being offered.