Laminated Doughs: Danish, Croissants, and Puff Pastry

Skill Level: Intermediate

Laminated doughs are no longer limited to just bakeries. Today they have reached the masses, making their way onto American menus at high-end establishments and casual restaurants alike. Used in both savory and sweet applications, laminated doughs present a versatile medium that inspires creativity. In this class, you will:
  • Prepare a variety of pastries and savory baked goods using puff pastry, croissant, and Danish dough.

  • Recognize the signs of a quality laminated pastry including flakiness, lightness, and texture contrast.

  • Discuss and employ techniques for preparing, handling, shaping, and baking laminated doughs.

  • Distinguish and correct possible defects associated with yeast- and steam-raised laminated products.

No sections of this course are currently being offered.