The Essential Sake Primer

Skill Level: Foundation

Sake, or Nihonshu, is the traditional beverage of Japan, and its worldwide popularity has never been greater. Although frequently referred to as rice wine, sake is made through a brewing process similar to beer. Sake starts with two basic types—“ordinary” and premium, “special-designation.” The special-designation sakes are further divided into three more categories, from which there are dozens of individual styles ultimately determined by the toji, or sake brewer. In this in-depth class, you will study the history, production process, and modern-day appreciation of sake. You will also:
  • Study Japan’s sake history, in particular its rise in the modern era.

  • Discuss the sake production process, from rice preparation to fermentation to aging.

  • Recognize the esteemed role of the toji, or sake brewer.

  • Identify the dozens of styles of sake, from the basic categories to rare bottlings.

  • Describe the unique serving vessels and customs used in sake service.

  • Participate in tastings of various styles and categories of sake.

No sections of this course are currently being offered.