Advanced Sous-Vide and Contemporary Culinary Techniques

Skill Level: Advanced

This course builds upon the material covered in Sous Vide Cooking and adds new components of contemporary cutting-edge techniques, technology, and creative dish creation. Focusing on principles and processes in the modern kitchen’s repertoire, these new techniques are used to bring together dishes with contemporary flavors and textures. Through demonstrations and hands-on production, you will utilize modern functional ingredients, cooking methods, and food science principles to further the development of your cuisine. You will also:
  • Use ice filtration and pressure-cooking methods, and compare contemporary methods of stock making, fortification, and clarification with their classic counterparts.

  • Discuss hydrocolloids, their behavior, and their uses as functional ingredients in new and novel components.

  • Further practice the technique of sous-vide cooking and the integration of it into new dishes and contemporary uses for your foodservice operation.

  • Utilize new equipment (and non-food ingredients such as dry ice and liquid nitrogen) for the modern kitchen to gain consistent and accurate results.

  • Prepare complete, creative dishes using multiple contemporary techniques and flavor combinations.

  • Identify processes for development and implementation of new dishes into your foodservice establishment.

Course Prerequisite: Participants must have previously attended the CIA’s Sous-Vide Cooking course.


No sections of this course are currently being offered.