Global Street Foods: From Street to Table

Skill Level: Advanced

American cooking is changing. Chefs and customers alike have an almost insatiable appetite for world cuisines. So itís no wonder global street foods have entered the U.S. market and rapidly become one of the hottest culinary trends.

In this course, you will prepare cuisines and practice cooking techniques from around the world, using street foods as the medium for exploration. In addition, you will:
  • Work with global ingredients and flavor profiles to help you develop new menu ideas.
  • Discuss the role corn, wheat, rice, and underutilized cuts of meat and fish play in street foods.
  • Produce a variety of flavorful and inexpensive street foods that will enhance your repertoire and strengthen your bottom line.
  • Review current culinary trends in relation to flavor and street foods, and identify methods of integrating these concepts and items into your menus.

No sections of this course are currently being offered.