Sous Vide Cooking

Skill Level: Advanced

As a foodservice professional, it pays to stay ahead of the curve of emerging technology and advances in our industry. Sous vide has been embraced by many of America’s top culinarians as a key cooking method in creating superior textures as well as an excellent technique to maximize and highlight the organoleptic properties of food.

Through demonstrations and hands-on assignments, participants will hear about the many benefits of sous vide cooking and how to successfully apply sous vide techniques. You will:
  • Discuss sous vide as a progression of three concepts: storage, cooking, and cuisine.

  • Identify textural differences in cooked proteins using a variety of different cooking methods.

  • Taste the difference in finished products and witness increased yields created by precise temperature-controlled cooking in a closed environment.

  • Employ safety and sanitation practices critical for sous vide methodology.

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