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American Regional Cuisine Boot Camp (Hyde Park, NY)

Apple pie might be the symbolic American dish, but there’s much more to the cuisine of the United States. With 50 states that span a range of climates and are home to citizens of virtually every nationality, the U.S. is a true melting pot of culture and cuisine. Even regionally, the repertoire of ingredients and dishes varies greatly.

From New England to the Gulf Coast to the Pacific Rim, this course is a celebration of the diversity and distinction of American cooking. During this culinary exploration, you will examine the history, flavor profiles, and ingredients that make each region unique. And along the way, you’ll practice the cooking methods and techniques common to regional American cuisine as you prepare iconic American dishes. New England clam chowder…Maryland crab cakes…Southern fried chicken…Texas brisket…and more. Bring your appetite, because we’re serving up a feast!

As a Boot Camp participant, you’ll receive two chef’s uniforms, each with a jacket, pants, and neckerchief. Paper chef’s hats, side towels, and aprons will be provided in class.

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No sections of this course are currently being offered.