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Dessert Boot Camp (Hyde Park, NY)

Few people would deny that dessert is one of lifeís greatest pleasures, but most of us leave baking to the professionals, thinking we donít have the time, equipment, or know-how. Not true! As you will discover, impressive desserts that are perfect for entertaining can be made at home using everyday pantry ingredients, seasonal produce, and ready-prepared items such as puff pastry and phyllo dough.

In Dessert Boot Camp, you will practice various mixing methods and techniques used to prepare traditional and trendy items alike, from cream puffs to cupcakes. In addition, youíll learn techniques for making fillings such as custard and mousse, as well as beautiful presentation methods using dessert sauces and impressive garnishes.

When you enlist in CIA Dessert Boot Camp, you will receive a chefís uniform, which includes a jacket, pants, and neckerchief. Paper hats, side towels, and aprons will be provided in class.

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