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Specialty and Hearth Breads Boot Camp (St. Helena, CA)

A crisp crust. A chewy crumb. An unmistakable, heavenly aroma. Nothing is more captivating than a French baguette straight from the oven. But it doesnít stop there. From the flatbreads of the Middle East to the renowned enriched breads of Europe, bakers around the world have been seducing our senses for thousands of years with their specialty breads. Now itís your chance to join the ranks and learn the art of bread baking.

Beginning with an ingredient function and equipment review, and progressing to shaping techniques and methods, youíll learn how you can prepare a variety of breads right from the comfort of your own home. Along the way, youíll study weights and measures, learn the 12 steps of bread making, uncover the mysteries of pre-ferments and sours, and prepare a variety of fresh-baked artisan breads.

As a participant in Specialty and Hearth Breads Boot Camp, youíll receive two chefís uniforms, each with a jacket, pants, and a neckerchief. Paper chefís hats, side towels, and aprons will be provided in class.

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No sections of this course are currently being offered.