Food Enthusiast Catalog - The Culinary Institute of America  

Live-Fire Cooking

There is something about cooking with fire that kindles an ancient and primal stirring in many of us. In this two-day program, you’ll cram in as many fire-based cooking experiences as possible.

You will also:

  • Use the grill (both gas-fired and charcoal), the Green Egg, La Caja China, and whatever other tools we can employ to explore the possibilities of fire cooking.

  • Discuss and use a variety of flavor-producing techniques associated with cooking with fire such as smoking, rubs and mops, plank roasting, and more.

  • Learn secrets of cooking with fire firsthand from our guest
    “pit master” (a.k.a., BBQ expert).

  • Experience the beverages that are appropriate and match best with live-fire cooking.

No sections of this course are currently being offered.